"Restaurant Roundup," Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture.

With articles from Jimmye Hillman, Sanra Ritten, Cindy Meyers and others.
"A View." Matter Magazine. On sale now from Wolverine Farm Publishing.

Purchase here.
"Gas." Andrew's fiction appears with stories by Kaylie Jones, Richard Burgin, Jonathan Baumbach, Adrian Brijbassi, and Edmundo Paz-Soldan. Purchase through Amazon here.
"The Dishwashing Game." In Porcupine Literary Arts Magazine, edited by W.A. Reed.

Purchase here.
"A Bridge and A River" H.O.W. Journal. On sale now.

With new poetry by Laura Kronk , fiction from Sam Lipsyte and more new poetry from Eileen Myles.
Sleepingfish, the magazine of avant-garde poetics, visual art, and experimental fiction, is hosting a sample of Andrew's work as a part of its N + 1 series. Created by Calimari Press founder Derek White, the series has published artists such as Marco Giovenale, Jimmy Chen and Shane Jones. View here.
Second issue of CapGun, edited by Alex Carnevale and Will Hubbard. Includes stories by Jackie Delamatre and Rodolfo Hinostroza, and Tao Lin.

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