"I cannot make love to Jews anymore," or so said Nico, breaking off her brief engagement with insouciant wanna-be androgyne Lou Reed." A review of Lynne Tillman's latest collection for BOMB magazine. . . .
The year in food: edible treasure from across the globe.
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"Every item checking into Hotel Theory goes through the wringer of Koestenbaum, everything is rendered transitory, uncomfortable, strangely familiar, anonymous, spoiled, confused, discomfited. . . ."

Andrew reviews 'Hotel Theory,' the latest book from Wayne Koestenbaum.
"True to its content, 'In Praise of Shadows' is a deceptive book. It is, a bit, like walking through a Home Depot with Susan Sontag as she channels Tolstoy."

A review of Junchiro Tanizaki's collection of essays on aesthetics, toilets, architecture, and literature.
A review of  "The Musical Illusionist," by Alex Rose. The second book from the new publishing house, Hotel St. George.

"Virgil to Dante: Where are the impressionists when you need them?"
What does poetry teach us? A new way of seeing, I think. . . .

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