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In the process of constantly disappearing, the unhinged, unmoored and unnamed narrator of "Where I Stay" travels through a cracked North America, stalked by his own future self and the whispers of a distant love. From Arco, Idaho to Mexico City, he flees along the highways and dirt roads of a landscape filled with characters in transition: squatters, survivalists, prostitutes, drug runners, skinheads, border guards and con-men. "Where I Stay" is a meditation on desperation, identity, geography, memory, and love— a story about endurance, about the empty spaces in ourselves, about the new possibilities we find only after we have lost everything.

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Advance praise for "Where I Stay"

A gifted journey through borderlands between text and image, glassy prose and suggestively indirect prose poem, facts and fictions, sanity and the other thing, but most of all those borderlands crossed and recrossed on the West's back roads—the kind that always exist just off the grid, just below the radar, and always in beautiful pieces.

 — Lance Olsen, author of Hideous Beauties, Nietzsche's Kisses, Anxious Pleasures and others

Consider Andrew Zornoza's "Where I Stay" a loose retelling of Werner Herzog's 1974 march from Munich to Paris to try to save a dying friend—only set in the arid, ominous nowherescape of the contemporary Southwest and composed by a strung-out W.G. Sebald. Zornoza dedicates the book to "all those he's lied to" before prosecuting a narrative in stark photographs and crisp, lurid text that will make you wish we had more liars like him in the world.

 — Matthew Derby, author of Super Flat Times

Andrew Zornoza writes with the precision of a poet and delicately creates a haunting, glowing world of dreams and beauty. The language and images of "Where I Stay" make you want to step inside the pages, to travel down the road with the author. Books like this remind us of what true art really looks like.

 — Martin Hyatt, author of A Scarecrow's Bible and winner of the Edmund White award

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